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Crafty Rags n’ buttons

October 9, 2010

As usual, the topic of christmas crafts comes up a lot when my kindred spirit and I are together.. I know, some people may still think it’s a little too early for christmas- but it’s our favourite holiday. Over a phone conversation, I was telling her about this crafty site I came across, while I was  looking for some christmas craft ideas. They have some amazingly cute ideas, and I’m sure over the holidays I’ll try out a few. My friend insists on a hand-crafted gift, so I better get busy! This year we’re seeing A Christmas Carol at our local theatre, shopping (of course), decorating the week after halloween, baking cookies, and more christmas cheer! I have a feeling that it is going to be a wonderful christmas! Last year we got together and had a christmas craft extravaganza; we went to our local Value Village and bought a whole bunch of oversized shirts to use for our rag wreath. (free fabric and buttons for crafts yay!!) We also made a “merry christmas” chain, and attempted to sew felt ornaments, (maybe this year we’ll succeed! )  The wreath we made is above, it was really simple to do, just tie 7″ strips around a circular wire hanger, and add ribbon, viola!  I find it so cute, that it’s hard to put it away after the holidays. (: 77 days left!

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