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Retail Therapy & Marley Poppins!

October 14, 2010

Every Wednesday is “Twin day,” or retail therapy as other’s may call it. We meet at the mall after classes, and shop for a bit, window shopping if cash is tight, and mini shopping spree’s if the sales are good. (we’re college and university students here!)   Sometimes we have good days and some bad. Today was a good one.  At first, we weren’t having much luck but we eventually found some sales. I got a pair of black & grey floral tights, two t-shirts, one black with some lace detail, and an off-white one with lace, ruffles, and gold buttons!  We found an early annual christmas twin ornament, it’s a silver wreath that says, “Friends make Christmas Special.” Can’t wait to put it up on my tree!!  (:  My favourite purchase was my new peach  TRIMINO clutch.  We decided to go into Aldo’s right before we left, and I found it on the sales shelf and fell in love. On the website it’s $40, and I only paid $20 for it.  I’m a pretty happy woman right now!!!  Ahh, I think my little Marley wants to make his appearance on my blog, his hint; walking across the keyboard and being a little cutie. Either that, or he’s subtly telling me to wrap it up.  No worries, I’m a “crazy cat lady”, so there most definitely will be a post all about my little munchkin. Speaking of Marley, I’m thinking of buying him a cute collar & tags this year for christmas.  He loves being outside, and meows constantly at the door whenever he wants out. So I better get him a little ID before he gets too bold…I wouldn’t know what to do without him!


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