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Happy Weekend! & A Look into Mine

October 23, 2010

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful fall weekend, here’s what I did;

-Sleeping in! (a little too late) Oh well, it was a definite must after this week.
-Listening to Oldies and Christmas songs. My favourites for today are Doris Day, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Bing Crosby,  and Nat King Cole- ahhh! Has anyone heard of Jango before? I just made my own radio station on it, and I’m loving it!
-Pampering myself. Enough said. (lotions, manicures, and LUSH, oh my!!)  I’m trying to grow my nails out as I have a very bad habit of picking them.  So I’m going to use my dead sea kit, and polish them up to motivate myself into keeping them looking nice.
-Studying, doing assignments, catching up in Keyboarding, and starting a criminology paper.
-Laundry, cleaning my room, cleaning out my closet, and other chores.

That’s about it! Basically an uneventful lazy Saturday..just the way I like it! What do you have planned for your weekend?

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  1. Lindsey permalink
    October 24, 2010 4:40 PM

    ahh nat! I LOVE this picture!!! Your desk looks sooo great!

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