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My Un-Manic Monday

October 26, 2010

This is late, but in my opinion definitely deserves a post! :) Last weeks Monday was literally the worst one in the books. (okay, not quite but still, it was a manic one for sure.)  This Monday, however, was a whole different story. It was great!  My twin and I went to the mall to see Paranormal Activity II, but were extremely chatty and decided to just have a girls night instead.  So we walked around, window shopped, looked for sales., etc. Why is it that at the end of your shopping trip you always find the greatest things? (or just right before the store/mall closes..)  We finally went into Chapters to look for a book I was telling her about, Wreck this Journal.  Heres a funny “you had to be there…” story, We looked up the book on their computer and it said that it would be found in the Self Help section.  However there was only one copy left. (First, let me remind you that we’re both in our twenties.) So, off we went in search of the book, it was a little scavenger hunt of sorts.  Us, of course, being determined and competitive women exclaimed (in our heads) that it was ON!  We hustle on over to the aisle, and begin our search.  A few minutes later I gasp, and exclaim: “I FOUND IT” in a loud, definitely not book-store tone.  (imagine what I’d be like in one of those clothing swaps?! …eek!)  Thankfully, there was only two other people in the aisle.  Two other ladies.  One glared, and one flashed a smile and laughed.  The end.  I’m sorry it was quite funny, and it was one of those Mondays where you’re a klutzy, silly, complete mess.  Anyways, I let her buy it. :)  We’re way too excited to start it in the new year. (we’re making it a 365 day project!)

I was also looking around for an Audrey Hepburn biography, and out of the corner of my eye, I see a Doris Day book!  I didn’t want to spend anything so I didn’t pick it up thinking it was going to be expensive. As you can see in the picture it was only $6.99! It made my night, just what I needed..We topped our night off with two Grande Shaken Iced Passion Tea Lemonade. (definitely had to look the name up. hah.)  Yum!

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