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Project: Things you should Know

November 24, 2010

Hey everyone! On my tumblr blog I used to post a daily reminder called Things you should Know (tysk) Unfortunately, I didn’t keep it going so I decided  I would re-start it on this blog. Basically, what I’ll be doing is looking up inspiring words (i.e: beautiful!) and writing out other words which mean the same thing to create a virtual reminder that you, the reader is beautiful. (or whatever the word is at the time.) The point of this project is that many of us have had low self-esteem, and although there is no quick fix –  little things like this can be quite encouraging! Take operationbeautiful[dot]com for example. Seeing a cute little message instantly perks up your day, and might help you to become more confident. All I hope is that with this project I can do the same. It’ll officially start on next Monday the 29th, and will hopefully be every Monday after that. Since Monday’s have a tendency to be a bit manic, I’m hoping this will help! ;)

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