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Christmas Squared

December 23, 2010

Just a small post to check in and say hi! Last night my dad and I braved the mall and started/finished our christmas shopping (until part II – boxing day!) I know,  I know – tsk tsk! We really put it off this year, but we managed to get what we had in mind. It’s crazy how fast money can be spent – wow! That’s why I like giving handmade gifts, they cost less, look better, and are worth much, much more! (shows the receiver how much you love them.) I’m planning on putting up photos of my handmade gifts this year, but just so I don’t ruin the surprise – it’ll have to be after christmas.. I’m soo excited to show you guys! Here’s one of my recent crafts I made. I needed something to spice up the china cabinet so I got out my scrapbook paper, trusty Martha Stewart pen and crafted away. The garland turned out exactly how I wanted it to be – and I love how it ties in with the square detail at the top of the cabinet. The little things definitely matter! My homemade cards, cute snowmen, and old photos  (that’s me as a baby!) complete the crafty look – I’m loving it! :)  Have you made any crafts to use around your house?

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