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Rainy Wednesdays

March 9, 2011

It’s been raining all day and so far all I’ve done is go to a doctor’s appointment, and watch some Project Runway.  Good news from my blood work is everything  is fine – all except for my thyroid. Its level is pretty high which equals = hyperthyroidism. fun. fun. Anyone know much about this? It apparently releases bad hormones which make you depressed.. (gah!)  Which would definitely explain why I’ve been feeling depressed for absolutely no reason at all!   I have to go back for more blood work and I’m making myself relax about it (keep calm and carry on!) – usually I work myself up into a nervous wreck. Tsk tsk.

On a happier note I’ve found some lovely items I wanted to share.  I need/want have to have them!  (Okay, maybe not..but it was worth a try! )  What do you think of them?  Isn’t the painting just gorgeous?!

uno– isn’t this amazing, ahh I love it!  I’d probably wear it all the time.
dos– so stylish, I can feel a grey phase coming on…I love wearing grey!

tres– my absolute fave movie, I’d love to read the book!
cuatro– simply GORGEOUS. That is all.

PS: Is everyone else excited for spring?! I AM! I’m off to do some spring cleaning now – how’s that going for you? I need to de-clutterize for sure! I think I might do the 40 in 40.  I love cleaning, but I just have to get in the mood. Blasting ABBA? I think so. Hair in bun? check.  Wish me luck!

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