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She’s Tougher than Nails!

October 22, 2011

Well, I’ve done it again!  Sorry I’ve been so slow with the posts lately – “bloggers block” I guess?  This post has been in my mind lately, or rather collecting dust in my “recent drafts” … so I thought I’d try it out! Does anyone else struggle with biting/picking their nails?  I’ve recently been picking my nails (out of habit/anxiety) and I really think it’s time to stop!  So starting today (10/22/11) – I’m going to start taking care of my nails.  I would do a before photo, but my nails are pretty short and boring, so let’s just say I did. ;)  Let’s see if I can grow my nails as long as the ones in the photos above.  (I’ve also included some for inspiration below!)  So, who’s IN?  Oh, I’ve gathered a few tips to help me (us!) out.  Enjoy!

  • Confront your problem (take a photo, examine nails & list problems)
  • Set a start date! (set an alarm, write it on your calendar, or make a blog post!)
  • Find inspiration photos of how you want your nails to look.
  • Visualize yourself with long, strong & healthy nails!
  • Do/get a manicure so you can appreciate your current nails.
  • Paint your nails a bright colour so you notice when they’re bitten/picked.
  • Pick a “princess/prince” (aka special) nail that you won’t bite/pick. *
  • Eat calcium and magnesium rich foods.
  • Push your cuticles back to show the “moons” at the base. **
  • Find a different (good!) habit to take place of this one.
  • Paint a nibble inhibitor on your nails to discourage yourself from biting.
  • Put band aids on your nails, and take them off after a couple of days.  (if you’re really bad)
  • Use a nail filer instead of biting/picking – it’s better for your nails!

Thanks to this lovely article! | Photos via Google Images
* I did this when I was little and it worked, it helps to focus on one nail and let it grow – you always have the others to bite/pick.   (they’ll all eventually be your “special” nails)
** Little fact – Many nail-biters/pickers do not have “moons” on the base of their fingernails – so push those little  suckers back!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!!  Also, please share tips?

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  1. lostinfinding permalink
    October 22, 2011 11:49 PM

    I was a bad nail biter, it took many years to kick the habbit but it was worth it! I enjoy having nails to paint now :) good luck!

    • October 22, 2011 11:51 PM

      Ahh, great – thanks!! That’s so encouraging! I’m definitely going to give it my best. Keep smiling! (:

  2. Daniela permalink
    October 23, 2011 11:42 AM

    You just read my mind Natalie, I’ve been thinking about just the same things… and my nails. I don’t bite them but I use to pick the dead skin around all the time, sometimes hurting myself *shrugs* I do take care of my nails, but not 100% of the time and I want to make it!!!
    I’m posting an entry about this topic on my new blog so I’ll stop by to share :D


    • October 23, 2011 1:25 PM

      Haha, that’s great! I’m a picker too, not the skin but sometimes I pick too close, and it ends up hurting – gah! Glad you’re deciding to stop too! We can do it! (: I’d love to see your blog, let me know.

      Hope you’re having a great day! <3

  3. Cathie Maud permalink
    October 23, 2011 7:06 PM

    Good luck on your challenge!! :)

    P.S. Short nails aren’t boring! You can always paint ladybugs on them, and they’re way cuter on short nails!

    • October 23, 2011 7:30 PM

      Thanks girl!! I know, I just want them to be long, haha. Thanks for the tip! so cute!

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