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Gift Guide | For the Cat Lady in your Life

November 20, 2011

As a fellow Cat LadyLover… ahem, I’ve come up with a little gift guide for the lovely Cat Lady in your life.  Everything from cat figurines, jewelry, comfy clothes for cuddling, to silly books.  (crafting with cat fur? what?)  So look below for some ideas and shop away! Or you could always make something (if you’re crafty) that “I Heart Cats” shirt looks pretty easy to make as a DIY gift. Enjoy & happy shopping!

Items in this Guide: (Left to right)

Zoe Karssen I Heart Cats T-shirt  $94 CAD

MadeWell Spotted Snowfall Sweater   $87 CAD

BALMAIN patterned scarf  $725 CAD
Two Mews Figurine Set  $34 CAD

Tabby Cat  (buy them a kitten!)  Priceless
Karen Walker Cat Eye Glasses  $180 CAD
Dimpled Cat Ring  $3.88 CAD
Paw-fice Space Decorative Pillow  $37 CAD
A Real Cat-ch Necklace  $66 CAD

Look at Me Meow Top  $54 CAD
Rag & Bone Jeans  $245 CAD
ELLE Skinny Jeans  $28 CAD
Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats  $235 CAD
TOMS Pink Leopard  $55 CAD

Quail Connie The Cat Money Box $29 CAD
Cat Versus Human  $8.17 CAD
Crafting With Cat Hair   $11 CAD

Meow: I Love Cats  $15 CAD

2 Comments leave one →
  1. November 22, 2011 3:17 PM

    Awwwwwwww love all those things.
    That gift guide was made for me lol

    I have a big heart *blushes*


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