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WIP | Collection Moodboards

July 16, 2012

When I first got serious about learning everything I could about fashion illustration, I decided to make some mood boards of collections I wanted to put to paper. What are mood boards? They’re basically an idea board you follow during your creative process. From colours, and muses to inspiring photos & quotes. Below I will share my favourites and my personal story behind them.

“… you start out on a creative journey you might think you have a firm idea of what you want in mind but by creating a moodboard you actually go through a creative process”  – MummyLish

Sueño; Something between dreams and reality. When I think of a “dream” I think of flowing airy silk, dream-catchers and tribal prints, the ability of floating, wavy hair, wings, ladders, and basically a mix of ethereal bohemian-goodness!

Birch-esque; Birch trees, in my opinion, are the most beautiful trees ever. The colour white (beautiful!) + a texture similar to peeling paint = love.

Radically Quaint; This came to be thanks to my friend Lauren Dunning – She wanted me to mix the Victorian era, and the Hippie fashion of the late 60’s together.

Into the woods;
Thanks to my friend María Méro this came about – she wanted me to create an elegant Fairy themed Collection using any fairy element of my choice. Can you guess which fairy I choose?

Simply Peacock; And lastly, does this look familiar? Of course I couldn’t go by without making a peacock collection – I’m currently working on this. Sketches will be up soon on my art blog – Natalie Brooke Designs

Moodboards © Natalie Brooke 2011|
|Photos © to Original Owners|

PS: Check out this awesome tutorial @ LishConcepts for tips on making your own mood boards!!

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  1. July 16, 2012 3:17 PM

    Hi Natalie! Thanks so much for the link through to my tutorial :) You have made some fabulous moodboards, I love them! My favourites are the peacock and fairy one, although did you know I love birch trees too? I make carvings in birch for my Etsy shop! I am currently planning a fairy party for my little girl and might just follow your lead and make a fairy moodboard for inspiration. Lovely to find your blog, it is beautiful xx

    • July 16, 2012 3:23 PM

      Oh my goodness!! Your comment made me soo happy. Hah! No problem at all, glad you like my moodboards! Those are my favourites too – and awesome, they’re beautiful aren’t they? You do?? What’s the link?? I must check them out!! Also, may we do a giveaway together? I’d love to feature you somehow. I adore your blog, and am going through all your posts now. Your daughter is adorable. Good luck with the fairy party and moodboard, I’m sure it’ll be absolutely magical!! xxo Thanks again!!

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