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Her Internship Diary Vol. 3

July 25, 2012

Hi loves! Here is my third edition of my Internship Diary (and definitely not last!) As you may know, the posts or my “diary” will include; FAQ’s, tidbits of my job, sneak peeks to some JL projects, my growing portfolio of the work I do for her (graphic design), and other lovely goodies! I hope you guys will enjoy it!

The Goods: (my Portfolio)

The Tidbits
; (Photos above explained)

I make desktop wallpapers for Jennifer’s lovely fans – you can find them on her website under the “fun freebies” section. (It is currently down but you can check out the other wallpapers by reading my Internship Diary Vol. 1 & Vol. 2!!

The Scoop/FAQ‘s;

Q: How was your NYC trip?
A: It was AMAZING!! My dad and I drove there from Windsor, ON – it was about 10+ hours – can you tell we like roadtrips? We went for 8 days, which was definitely not enough! By the eighth day I was exhausted, but I’m saving up and planning another trip. (maybe my first runway show?? DREAM BIG)

Have you met Jennifer Lilya in person?

A: Yes!!! On my April ’12 trip to NYC – it was surreal, she’s so helpful, genuine, and down to earth!

Q: If you don’t get paid for your internship, how are you rewarded?

A: By the sheer amount of experience I gain, inspiration,  references, art supplies,  goodies, lessons, a mentor, etc. And to me, all that is so much greater than money! I’m very grateful.

If you have any questions for me (or Jenn) let me know – either comment here or send them to me via formspring or email. Thanks – we’d love to answer them! (:

What I’ve learned the past few months;

  • Always be helpful, humble and friendly!
  • Never assume things, communication is key. (I still need to learn this!)
  • When you find something you’re passionate about, never give up on it.
  • Never, ever give up on your dreams! (never!!)
  • How satisfying and fun interning is!
  • Interning opens up many opportunities
  • How great of a mentor and support system Jennifer is (!!!)
  • An artists space must always be clean in order to feel inspired. (in my case at least!)
  • I need a air-conditioned studio space for the summer, eek!

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