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New York, New York!

August 15, 2012

Ever since my NYC trip in April I’ve been longing to go back.  When I found out I could score two invitations to a show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC, I just about died. How? Well, the Academy of Art sent me a lovely email asking me to submit a 100 word essay about my passion for fashion. Hello! My blog is living – erm.. virtual proof of this! So I whipped up an essay and sent it off, crossed my fingers, and hoped I would get confirmation this month. And ta-da! I got it!! I’m so excited to get the actual invitation in the mail! I did this just for fun, and as an incentive to ensure my next trip.  Although in my opinion, attending my first fashion show is enough reason to go! ;) If you haven’t heard the news (via my facebook page or twitter) I’ll also be interviewing a past Project Runway finalist – one of my favourites. After finding out that I could, I’ve been saving up for the trip and “making it work!”  Maybe I’ll run into Tim Gunn! Ahh!

As for funding, I can mostly get by on what I’ve saved up – but I would feel more comfortable having a little extra.  So I’ve decided to offer a few of my services for some discounted fees! (Since whoever reads my blog is awesome!) If your blog is in need of a makeover, looking for ad space, or would love some personalized stationery then I’m the girl for you! Below is a run-down of what I can offer. If you’re interested then contact me at: and we’ll work something out! Remember – every penny adds up! :)

Musings of a Brunette services include: (but are not limited to!)
Offers expire the 31st of August.

  • Graphic Design – I can make a header & buttons (up to 3 social sites)  for you. I’ve designed my own on both of my blogs, my etsy shop, and have done various work for Jennifer Lilya.  Check out my Internship Diary posts for examples.
  • Handmade Cards – I can make a set of 3 cards, or a set of 5. (this will be limited to 2 people atm – so if you want one, email me!)
  • Arts & Crafts – I’m offering custom handmade quote cards, and digital  fashion illustrations.
  • Ad Space – Want to advertise? Buy ad space (small or large) on Musings of a Brunette today!

// Prices & Details

  • Graphic Design – Header ($10) & buttons  (a set of 3 social sites = $5 + .50 for each extra)
  • Miscellaneous Cards – I’ll make you a set of 3-5 cards per person.  ($8-$10)
  • Arts & Crafts – Custom quote cards  ($5 – $8 depending on size) or a custom digital fashion illustration. ($5)
  • Ad Space – I’m offering small ($5 for 1 month) & large ad space ($10 for 1 month) on Musings of a Brunette. Details: 178 x 115 (S) & 178 x 278 (L) *


  I honestly don’t want to force anything on my readers, and was a bit wary of posting this… But I probably wouldn’t even be thinking about Fashion Week, let alone going to a show if it wasn’t for the wonderful people I’ve met through the blogosphere. I’ve gotten so many opportunities through the internet, and I’m so grateful for them. If no-one donates, I’m still going to New York, even if I have to live off of the hotdog carts. Haha! I just wanted to add that throughout my NYC trip, I have a lot planned – I’m going to be posting photos from the fashion show, and around the city, along with two giveaways: a special NY based giveaway that I’ll be shopping for, and a makeup/fashion themed one. I may also be doing an interview with a student designer of the fashion show I’m attending.  Oh! I’ll be in the city the 5th-9th, so if you’re a native NYC fashion blogger or there for NYFW, let’s meet up!!


* I can design ads for you if wanted, just let me know in the email.
Look at the photos below for examples, also check out my etsy shop! :)


PS: I’m offering a 20% coupon code for my etsy for Musings of a Brunette readers – here it is: NNYC12  Enjoy!
Discount only available on decor orders (and bookmarks)

3 Comments leave one →
  1. August 15, 2012 10:30 PM

    How exciting! Another trip to NYC AND you get to attend Fashion Week. I am beyond jealous.

    • August 15, 2012 10:40 PM

      Thanks girl!! I still can’t believe it’s happening. I’m going to die when I set foot in the actual tent. I just need to get some last minute things straightened out, which I’m worried about – but it’s going to happen!!! You’ll get to NYC someday. :)

  2. August 24, 2012 6:33 AM

    good luck girl! hope you enjoy you trip to nyc

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