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Her To-Do’s

For Life (aka Bucket List)
– Go to Ireland
-Go to Greece
– Go to Spain
– Go to NYC! (April 2012) & (Sept. 2012)
– Meet Stacy London
– Meet Fern Mallis (Sept 2012)
– Meet Nina Garcia
– Meet Tim Gunn
– Meet Heidi Klum
– Meet Michael Kors
– Get fit and toned!
– Save up enough money to move out
– Get a job that I love!
– Get into Fashion Institute of Technology
– Figure out what I want to do (fashion illustration/fashion industry)
Own a hope chest (2010) – made by my dad.
– Go on a cruise
– See the Northern Lights
– Be in someone’s wedding party (Sept. 2014)
– Get a book signed (Project Runway signed by Heidi Klum!)
– Get a signed painting (thanks Jennifer Lilya!)
– Learn how to braid my own hair
– Learn shorthand
– Learn Spanish
– Take a dance class (ballroom, waltz, etc)
– Discover my personal style (I’m a feminine, classic, elegant, vintage, part-indie, artsy girly girl.)
– Get married
– Have a loving husband
– Have a big family
– Own my own boutique
– Make an etsy account (my profile)
– Visit all Canadian provinces/territories (3/10)

– Plan another Twin Trip!
– See a ballet – Swan Lake!
– Learn Yoga (not the chanty type though!)
– Start Wreck this Journal (Jan. 1st)
– Paint a “twin painting”
Try sushi (Fall 2010) – loved it
Try bubble tea (Fall 2010) – not so good, try again!
Go to P.E.I (Summer 2010) AH-MAZING!
Go to a Drive In (Summer 2010)
-Get our eyebrows threaded
-Get our Licenses (1/2 done)
-Find an Amish recipe cook-book

– Get back into painting.
-Make a Card Set for a friend (my first order!!)
– Paint an Audrey Hepburn Painting
– Paint a Peacock painting
Button Bracelet (oh my goodness!!!)
Clutch by Waves Over Dawn
Shorts by Maycie After Five
Dyed Doily Pillow by Crap I’ve Made
Bow Pillow by E TELLS TALES
Silhouette Pillow by Ucreate
Wrap Bracelet by Cheetah is the New Black
– Finish Jewelry Box (2012)
Dress Shirt Skirt by Lazy Saturdays
Skinny Jeans! by C&C
– Pay It Forward gift for Irene
-Pay It Forward gift for Stacey

– Pay It Forward gift for Sarah
– Inventory for Future Etsy Shop!

Finish frame wall
– Get rid of clutter
– Deep clean closet
– Finish Craft room in attic

-White lace dress
-Oxford shoes
– Statement necklace(s)
– More brooches, bangles, and rings
– White jeans
– Skinny jeans
– Cable knit tights
– Burgundy tights
– First real leather purse
– New boots
– Grey purse
– Patterned scarves (lost the one that I loved, boo!)

– New header
Blog for 1 year (October 2011)
– Blog for 2 years
– Be featured somewhere (was featured on
– Go to/Arrange a Canadian blogger meetup, woo! :)
– Find more Canadian bloggers
– Interview someone in person
– Go to New York Fashion Week
– Go to my first Fashion show!!
– Do Penpaling full-time!!
– Find a blogger in my area
– Find a Penpal (found a bunch – yay!!)

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  1. April 17, 2011 9:11 PM

    I really like your bucket list, especially “See the northern lights” – although the problem with that one is that they’re so lovely you’ll want to see them again and again! I’d love to do the dance class one but I’m hopeless at dancing (I’ve been to plenty, all different styles, and am awful at almost all of them! XD)

    Also good luck finding a lovely white lace dress – I have one and it’s one of my favourite dresses that I own, lace is just so lovely and a lace dress is one of the most lovely things that it can be used for. =)

    • April 17, 2011 9:20 PM

      Thanks so much! Ahh I bet! They seem really lovely, but I’m sure they would be much more amazing in person – I so need to travel more! You’re hopeless? I get soo embarassed when I dance, I feel awkward..I’m hoping to get over that one, haha. I’m going to try at least!

      I know eh? It’s so hard finding one, it’s almost like shopping for a wedding gown! I’m hoping I’ll find my lace dress and it’ll be the “one” Lace is gorgeous!!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. November 1, 2011 8:07 PM

    we can make these! my work has a TON of 3XL (and larger still!) men’s button downs, and i get 25% off : )

    • November 1, 2011 8:37 PM

      AHHH yay!! definitely pick up a bunch so when we get together we can do some DIY galore!! (: (I love buying them for the buttons, haha) I so want to go thrifting now.

  3. November 6, 2011 2:04 PM

    Hey Natalie, if you need any help with Spanish learning you can count on me ;-)

    • November 6, 2011 2:08 PM

      Ahh, that’ll be awesome!! I understand it more than I can speak it, so I’d love to learn. Are you spanish?

      • November 10, 2011 6:38 PM

        I am from Ecuador, in South America, and yes, we speak spanish :)

  4. Robin McGill permalink
    December 4, 2011 8:37 PM

    Hi Natalie :) I am a Canadian blogger and you can check out my blog anytime:
    I just posted about my vacation to Thunder Bay and Vancouver.

    Here are a few of my favourite Canadian bloggers:

    I’ve put you into my google reader feed so I can follow your blog. Keep up the good writing and beautiful photography.

    • December 4, 2011 8:47 PM

      Hi Robin! We’re fellow Ontarians! Thanks for letting me know about your blog – loved the vacation photos, so neat!! I’ve always wanted to go to Vancouver. I’ll add ya to my Canadian Blogs List :D

      Ohh, yay! I’ll have to take a look and add them as well! Thanks again!

      And thanks so much (it really means a lot!) Do you have bloglovin’? I have google reader, but I don’t really use it often.

  5. December 13, 2011 9:37 AM

    Hi Natalie: I too am a Canadian blogger (well I am a sorta – cross boarder blogger too). You can find me at: and

    If you are interested in getting exposure to more bloggers, you may want to think about attending social media/blogging conferences. I made that my biz goal this year and it has been great meeting others. You may have already done this but I thought I would add my two cents.

    Look into
    * Blogher12 in NYC in August 2012 (there were 3,500 attendees at Blogher11 this year)
    * Blissdom Canada & US (that is usually in Canada in October and is in Nashville this coming Feb. 2012)
    * She’s Connected is an invite only conference but if you get on their radar, you may be asked to attend. They are doing something that is not invite-only in April so keep that on your radar too.

    Hope this helps a bit. I know attending these conferences have helped me a great deal.

    Here’s to keeping connected and supporting other Canadian bloggers!

    Margarita Ibbott (@downshiftingPOS on twitter)

  6. December 13, 2011 9:38 AM

    PS: I love your blog posts on the 12 Days of Bootmas…That is how I got to your site! Am thinking of getting a pair for my 15 year old daughter so your post is very timely!

  7. January 24, 2015 8:12 PM

    You’ve never seen the northern lights?! Oh man… You’re missing out. I used to watch them while falling asleep at my old house!

    • January 24, 2015 8:14 PM

      Nope!! :( At least I dont think I have, haha! That sounds absolutely beautiful! Jealous!


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