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Inspiration | Without Eraser!

September 16, 2012


Featured Artist ~ Marielle

September 14, 2012

I’ve been lovin‘ finding new artsy friends lately and one of them is a lovely lady who I’m doing an art swap with. We found each other through blogging and I adored her work as soon as I saw it. I immediately asked if she could draw a portrait of me, and that she did!  Marielle’s artwork is absolutely beautiful, breathtaking, amazing, fresh, sassy, etc! She has quickly become one of my favorite artists – and yours too once you see her work for yourself!  If not then you’re silly – her work is the best! Below are a few of my favourites of hers. (including the one of me, duh!) Note: it’s incredibly hard to choose just a few favourites, so definitely go take a look at her blog! :) You won’t regret it – trust me!


//The Artist

Originally from Holland, a 3D artist by day and in her spare time she likes to get herself and surroundings dirty with ink, water colours, acrylics and tons of pencil shavings. “Miss Beretta” – her sketching blog is named after her great grandmother. When it comes to art and illustration, Marielle loves the slick & shiny hourglass figures by Shane Glines, Serge Birault and of course Andy Hickinbottom and the loose quirky styles of Scott Campbell and Quentin Blake.


Isn’t her work amazing?!

Following in Miss Lilya’s Footsteps…

September 12, 2012

If you’re a Jennifer Lilya fan, you’ll know by now that she loves collage work and not only fashion illustration. The best part? She’s awesome at it too! I’ve been doing collages since high school, and I’ve always loved them. I just think it’s so neat what you can create by arranging various photos, words and whatnot. Below are some of Jennifer’s work and my own. Enjoy! Go make one already! ;)

Collage-making, for me, is basically an act of painting, allowing me to indulge in an appetite for immediacy.  – Abe Ajay

Review | Project Runway

September 10, 2012

//The Story:

I received this book for free by winning it through a contest held by Project Runway on twitter. I just had to tweet to their account and shortly after they told me I won – I died. They then asked me for my address and told me that they’d send it soon. Once I got it in the mail I freaked out, and read the book that very day. It’s just that amazing, you should most definitely check it out!


//The Book:

Project Runway the inspiring fashion reality television series, premiered in 2004. This season is it’s tenth and to celebrate they’ve launched an amazing book to go along with the show. It’s an official guide behind the scenes of a television and fashion landmark. It’s beautifully illustrated with hundreds of photos, interviews where fans will learn how the show began and developed over the years, relive the highlights of seasons past, and learn what their favorite designers are doing after the show. Heidi Klum has provided commentary, along with interviews and inspiring words from workroom mentor Tim Gunn and judges Nina Garcia, and Michael Kors. This is the ultimate source for all things Project Runway! As you know, I adore interviews – so having the chance to read them was the best. I’ve learned so much about my favourite designers and judges, along with the people behind the actual show. Eila Mell is the author behind the book, and I think it’s safe to say that she’s a talented interviewer let alone writer. You will find a lovely amount of inspiration, plus it’s a great “autographs” book as it contains everyone you’d ever want to meet from Project Runway. I so far have Heidi Klum (cover), and Fern Mallis (page), and am hoping to get Austin Scarlett, Althea Harper, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors to sign their pages. Wish me luck? I can so do it – anything’s possible.

Thankfulness in September!

September 9, 2012

I’m a big believer in that you can never be too thankful. In fact, you should be thankful each and every day – whether it’s for something small or something big. What brought this on? Well lately, I’ve been feeling very blessed. I just came out of a rather long depression after my Grandma passed away, and I learned a lot about myself. I almost gave up my passion for fashion illustration. But with help from my twin, my mentor, and my incredible support/fan group I pulled through. I’m so thankful and glad to have each and every one of you in my lives. Even if you’re a follower, reader, friend, penpal, family member, etc – you’ve made a vast difference in my life. Many of the opportunities I have gotten recently, would never have happened without you, without this blog. If you’re currently going through something – remember “This too shall pass!” and never be afraid to send me an email at
I am ever so honored to have worked with Jennifer Lilya – she’s been a main part of the changes in my life and my motivation. I would still be in college for a non-creative education (that obviously wasn’t the right fit for me) – if it wasn’t for her.  She’s helped my confidence in not only myself, but my artwork as well. I’ve learned so much from her, and really – knowledge and a positive attitude is so much more valuable than money. If you ever have the opportunity to intern with her, go for it – she’s the most kindest, generous, beautiful, sweet, selfless lady I know! If you don’t have any experience, but your passion shows through, you just might be lucky and she’ll notice it. I am not going to waste what I learned now, and I hope I can live up to her expectations, and my own. Wish me luck.

Also a big thank-you goes out to my dearest friend (and twin!) Lindsey. She recently gave me a good wake up call about my bipolar disorder. Friends sure believe in you and help you out when you desperately need it! Even though it might not have been obvious on my blog, I was labeling myself as a lazy, non-motivated, not-going-anywhere person – and it eventually got worse as my depression did. I was putting off school, finding a job, doing something with my fashion illustration until I was stable – and hello! I was stable, I was just scared of having another manic episode and was limiting myself at what I did in fear that I’d land in the hospital again. Tears are coming to my eyes as I type this, which makes this now sound cliche. But I’m honestly so glad that my friend spoke up and brought this to my attention. I was living in fear of myself and my disorder, and it stole a lot from me. I’m blessed to have so many understanding and patient friends. Plus a mentor who checked in on me, and was more than understanding as I was basically missing in action for a bit. How rare is that in the fashion industry – many of them would just fire you right on the spot! Anyways. I’m no long holding myself back, and I’m taking all the opportunities that have come my way. I’m chasing after my passion full force and am motivated to make it work. After all, like a friend said – I may just very well be the next Coco Chanel, and I can’t steal that opportunity away from myself.

Oh, and in all seriousness – I don’t think I’ll be the next Coco Chanel, haha! I don’t want to sound conceited, but I was honestly so flattered that my friend even thought of that. It definitely made my year! Plus you need to believe that you can be and do anything – I’m learning that it helps immensely when you’re trying to make your dreams happen. xxo

In NYC | BPL Presents…

September 8, 2012

On September 6th at 6:00-8:00PM I attended an exhibit – the largest American showcase of established and widely published fashion illustrators in over a decade. It was held in the Brooklyn Public Library which is by far the most sophisticated and beautiful library I’ve ever seen. Once I move to New York, I swear I will live in there. Books, coffee, fashion exhibitions – I’m in love. I’m so in my element here.

//The Details

My friend and I caught the subway, had to ask a few people directions but for the most part we totally rocked NYC’s public transit system. So not like my bus trips at home – I still manage to get lost in my hometown. We got there and I totally died once I saw Jennifer’s work in the front lobby. I had to do a little mentor-bragging and tell people I intern for her. Oops, I’m just so proud of her, and honored to have worked together. Jennifer’s sweet husband ran and got my business cards and I fell in love with them the moment I saw them in person. I ended up handing out 47 of them at the exhibit, and I can safely say that I adore networking – it’s like making new friends in my opinion. I met a lot of lovely creative people and felt so inspired at the end of the night. We browsed around, talked, were in awe of the beautiful work and unique outfits, etc. Towards the end we were escorted into an auditorium  where things really got amazing. The illustrators who were featured are as follows; Carlos Aponte, Marcos ChinSamantha Hahn, Richard Haines, Anja Kroencke, Antonio Lopez, Jennifer Lilya, Don Oehl, Sara Singh, Autumn Whitehurst, Izak Zenou, and lastly Selina Alko a fellow Canadian!!

//What Happened

I was so inspired and overwhelmed with everything that was happening that I got tears in my eyes and goosebumps during the meeting. Some of the illustrators whose work was shown in the exhibit went up to speak, including Carlos Aponte. He is such an amazing illustrator, and a wonderful person. I had just seen his work for the first time at the exhbit and I fell in love. He’s not just an excellent artist though – his words are so moving, at least I thought they were. He got up to speak, and I immediately thought he should be a motivational speaker. What his main message was that you have to work for your dreams, but you have to help others follow their dreams too, and if you do – it will come back to you. His story was about when he met Antonio Lopez. He was basically working in a sweat shop/factory, had a “dream wall” of his favourite illustrations/photos from a magazine and one day he heard that Antonio Lopez was going to be in town. He desperately wanted to go and meet him, but he didn’t have the money as it was an expensive event. So he waited until the last minute and was working when his boss came up to him and gave him a ticket to the show. (I would have died) He flew out of there and began to head over to the event. Once he got there, he realized he didn’t have the greatest seats, so he made eye-contact with the lighting staff and they let him sit up there with him. Finally he was able to scope out where his biggest inspiration was. He found him and made his way towards him after the show. When he caught up to Antonio, the first thing the famous illustrator said to him was that he recognized him!!!  How? Well, a while ago Carlos had helped a friend get into Parsons – and this friend had met Antonio Lopez along the way and told him about the friend who had helped him get into his dream school. Isn’t that awesome? It just shows that if you’re nice in the fashion industry you won’t necessarily get walked over, but it might just help you out in the long run. My fave work from Carlos is shown below.

//What else?

I was so teary-eyed at this point, that I wiped those tears and forced myself to talk with him after the meeting, and give him my business card. Guess what happened? I cried. To the point that I couldn’t explain why I was. His words just resonated with me so much, that I just had to try and tell him and thank him. While I was blubbering like an idiot, I think I turned fifty shades of red – but he was so nice, that he hugged me. Fashion Illustrators are just awesome. I hope I didn’t freak him out. Jennifer thought it was adorable and so did my friend. But I felt silly. This still doesn’t compare to when I met Fern Mallis! But that’s another post. ;)

Review | Audrey 100

August 29, 2012

Audrey 100 is by far my favourite book featuring the lovely Miss Hepburn herself. If you’re looking for inspiration or simply photos of her then you’ll definitely enjoy this book. Plus it’ll look beautiful on your coffee table or dresser, this is NOT a bookshelf book. Oh, and to top it all off, you get a lovely 9″ x 11″ print to display on your wall, or wherever you like. Look below for photos of my favourite pages and more! This is one book that you won’t regret buying… you’ll keep craving it for inspiration once you have it! Believe me – this is my second copy! How’d that happen? Scroll down for the story!


//The Story: I had first received this book as a Christmas present, but after a year of adoring it (and taking good care of it – mind you!) the cover began to bubble a bit, and peel off. I was crushed, since I loved the book so much… so I decided to email the publishing company to see if they would do something about it – it was worth a try! And they did. After explaining what had happened they sent me a gratis copy, which I’m using as a display-only book. The old one will be my go-to book for a quick inspiration fix, now I won’t have to worry about damaging it further. Thanks again Sterling Publishing – your customer service is unbeatable! Don’t be afraid to ask, if yours too gets damaged.

//The Book: Audrey 100 features 100 of the most compelling and iconic photographs ever taken of the timeless beauty. You’ll fall in love with Audrey all over again, and may feel inspired to draw her or watch one of her films. (I recommend Funny Face!) There was definitely great effort and love behind the books production as the layout of the photos is absolutely divine. Audrey’s family really worked together to compile the most stunning images as a tribute to the classic Hollywood sweetheart.  The photographers did her justice too, but c’mon… is there really a bad photo of Audrey? This book along with the free lovely print (shown below) will be cherished by many Audrey fans for years to come!